Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer break begins... God help me, PLEASE!

Today is the first day of summer break. I have three kids, but only one that is school aged. Justice, our first, the one who was born in to her name and embraced it… totally and completely; she is a mini-me. Not crazy obsessed with neatness, although she’s no slob… but in attitude. Things are black and white and nothing is forgotten. ::sigh:: She wears me out, pushes my limits, can have me raising my voice before my first cup of coffee and yet makes me so proud.

She’s an artist. In just a matter of minutes she can draw more emotion in a picture then many can write in pages of words. She’s talented. I want to encourage that.

Problem is I have no patience with her. I can roll out of bed with the best of intentions and then she starts singing at the top of her lungs. She asks for paper, easily 30 to 40 pieces a day. She leaves her things out and whines when her brother and sister destroy them. She slams doors. She leaves doors open. She runs in the house. She skips in the house. (Pier and beam home owners get this.) She irritates her brother and sister. She complains about what we’re having for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner… for snacks. She drives me nuts.

She’s a comedian. She tells the worst jokes, but when she’s telling a story and not trying to make you laugh, she has you rolling. Her timing is perfect. Her observations are hysterical. I love this little girl, I just haven’t figured out how to live with this little girl.

…and here we are, summer break. Three months of 24/7 with each other…

Don’t worry friends… I promise NOT to pray for patience. ;)

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